Sunday, February 16, 2014

Need party entertainment? Brave has openings!

Today's daily court roundup:

No wages lost for sick leave
You have my support, Boss pledged

Party tricks were safe
No virus spread
'twas all in the mind
they would later find

Brave the clown
Nasally shouts, red nose inflamed
Stop the press
I've been framed!

Not sure, but perhaps I am getting a little cabin fever?
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  1. haha at least you cabin fever produces rhyme....and poor brave being framed....

  2. A little surrealism is always good! :)

  3. Poor clown! He couldn't be guilty! The germs were contained behind that fake red nose.

  4. I commiserate with Brave's red nose. Acchhooo! May the party requests ring in for a clown. ;)

  5. It's all too easy to blame the clown, especially with his big red nose. I think cabin fever is an appropriate definition, it's that or blame the words and then where are we? Like the image and that wink. A fun read, thank you,


  6. You have me laughing! Sorry. I know it's not funny but I can't help it.

  7. This made me smile! Very effective use of the words. (I can relate to the cabin fever too!)

  8. Oh the clowns get blamed for everything....

  9. I got a laugh out of this, which is a good thing at the moment, Robyn.


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  11. ...and this is your picture...nice...inspiring...:)xx ~ get out soon.

  12. Never been fond of clowns so I would definitely blame him/her. I'm sure that is trick bow tie too.

  13. And 'They' say it isn't the cold that give us a cold. Hey clown wash your hands!!!
    Cabin fever I can believe...though I went to run errands today and forgot half the things I wanted were closed. More snow tonight....arggg.

    Thanks for visiting - I'll keep looking for more robins. Though around here some say they don't migrate. They leave my yard, and then return. So that's good enough for me.

    Cheers. ~Jules


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