Thursday, February 13, 2014

The mighty eraser

Before you read this poem and believe the "I" to be me, it is NOT! At imaginary garden with real toads the prompt is Erasure poetry. Find an already existing text, then erase some of the words.

I adore you
I respect you with tender loving care
this is how you repay me?
how could you?
I'm still trying to figure you out
I'm not perfect
  what I consider TLC is a little rough
Perhaps you don't appreciate being scrubbed raw
I always thought you could handle all this
being the object of my affection isn't always a picnic
I don't mean to be too controlling
where would you be without me?
you need me
I complete you

things with you eventually get ugly 
i rub off your outer skin, and you bleed
i slice into you 
  you find a way to leave your mark
I scrub, scrub, scrub
I wish I knew how to quit you

The real story? An article where the writer professes his love for a beet. Did you guess that? 


  1. very cool....i never would have guessed it was first about a beet.

  2. yikes....think i am a little scared for both of them...
    trying to be perfect...projecting that on both...
    controlling...rubbing off their skin...
    a little scary

  3. This seems so perfect for Valentine's week. I guess we all try to figure out the one (thing) we love.

  4. haha never thought of beet at all, but then I hate those things at my hall

  5. Whoop! For a beet. :-)
    A good character portrayal of the narrator as a controlling person and the second stanza quite suggested an abusive personality. Well-penned.

  6. Wow - what a powerful piece you pull from this

    "what I consider TLC is a little rough"

  7. I absolutely adore beets, so I could easily relate to the author's point of view. Not only are they delicious but they provide wonderfully indelible natural dye base for weaving.
    On the other hand, I do consider the sacrifice of the beet--it's such a complex web.
    I really enjoyed where you took the prompt!

  8. This is so interesting! Such a compelling piece from a lowly beet – I wouldn’t have imagined.

  9. i scrub, scrub, scrub....

    ... controlling person form whom the other is never good enough. you captured it so well. Good job!

  10. Robyn, you are soooo clever! Scrubbing a beet and writing the process sounds like a school assignment for a Tech Writing class. Was I right?

    I like yours, especially the last verse. It gets down and dirty. I think I've been there.

  11. Had NO idea it was a beat! It really works well describing some human relationships!

  12. can't beet that. (groannnnn) :) ~


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